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Anita at JOY

WOW - What A Great Show

Now Here's Anita having some fun with a variety of artists that have filled our programs over the years.  Hope you can join us soon!

Launch of 'Past All The Edges'
The Wild Orchids have been visiting the show since 1996.  Here's Robyn Youlten and Chris Scheri at the launch of the award winning CD "Past All The Edges" 
New Zealand's own Topp Twins were special guests in 1996 when they first brought their fabulously funny 'Camping Out' routine to Australia.  That's Linda on the left, Jools on the right with Anita and Chris from the Wild Orchids.
Anita with Wild Orchid & Topp Twins
Anita with the fabulous Cris & Tret
So here's the big one, with the dynamic duo Cris Williamson and Tret Fure during their 'Girls Night Out' Australasian concert tour in November 1996!  Unfortunately its only New Zealand in 1999.

Heather Bishop from the wilds of Manitoba Canada is 
a very welcome regular guest to our shores. 
Here she is whooping it up on her third visit to Melbourne in 1997. 
We all hope she makes it back again soon.
With Canada's Heather Bishop

Lucie Blue from Montreal to Ear FM and Out. Harms
Another Canadian, Lucie Blue Tremblay finally hit town in March 1998. 
Fans of O.H. were treated to an extremely entertaining guest appearance from this multi-talented performer from Montreal.


(Anita Enjoying the company of Deian McBryde aka Mabel Dawn Davis. On his/her first appearance on Women On Waves 2002)

Anita With Kaz Mitchell at the 2004 Ollie Awards

Chilling Out with Camp Mother & Camp Leader

Anita's 200th

With Pippa Wilson  2005

September 2010 - Anita Got to Record a 'Live' Interview with Horse! in Bonny Scotland

November 2010   WoW - The Big 400th.

Ready for Take Off!
The Crew - Caroline, Glen & Anita (After the Show.)

Let the Party Begin!
More Morning Tea - Guests (Enjoy)

WoW March 20, 2011

 Anita & Caroline - Partners in Crime!

Caroline Steering the Ship- for the "Closet!"


Anita with Marie Wilson & Sammi 28/10 2012

Marie again with Anita January 26, 2014
All together Now with the fab. Jenny Biddle!

On April 5, 2011 WoW Hosted its First LIVE Event 
@ Wesley Anne

With Horse Herself.

But unfortunately all Good Things must end- and a slightly weary Horse had to depart from Tulla in the early morning of April 6th.

Horse's Fantastic return Tour of Australia in 2012 - Farewell.

Last Night in Melbourne!

Joined by A J Allen!

Back to Late 2011

Still Going Strong!
Caroline with GLLO Officer Gaby Tyack!
Caroline with Jenny Biddle!

Merry Xmas from the Gang 2013
Searching out 'Wombats' @ Midsumma Carnival Day 2014



With Pippa Again 30/3/2014

Easter 2014 with Michelle Parsons
Just Anita with Carmen Hendricks & 
Marie Wilson on WoW 4th May edition!

Anita catches up with Lynda and Jools Topp at JOY 
May 21st.2014
Anita catches up with Cyndi Boste in Melbourne May 29th. 2014
Anita and fabulous Support team for special 'Radiothon edition! 2014
Anita Celebrates 550th 'special edition' with her crew !
29th June 2004.

Celebrating with some Old Timers Dec. 1st at Melb. Town Hall

@ The Official 21st Birthday Party.

What a Lovely 2015 Pride March!!

Anita and Kez Fields 15th Feb. 2015
With Michelle again Feb 22 2015

With Beccy Cole - April 2015

With Canada's Miss Quincy - April 2015
With 'Legendary Wendy Stapleton - May 24, 2015

Jacqui from Bluehouse Returns - June 14, 2015

Just me being shown around Toronto with Anna Gutmanis - August 2015
MichFest 40 Crew  2015
MichFest 40 Special WoW Crew 2015

Anna in Oz at Joy
With Anna Gutmanis at JOY Christmas Day 2015

with Anna Gutmanis as co-host Dec 27 2015
with co-host Anna Gutmanis Dec.27 2015
with Sofia Chapman (Playwrite)
Jan. 17 2016

with Sofia Chapman Jan 17 2016
with Anna Tirotta & Kylie Brickhill Jan 24 2016
with Guests Anna & Kylie Jan 24 2016
 Anita with Michelle Driver
Anita With Guest Michelle Driver on February 14th 2016!
Anita with Anna Tirotta
Anita With Guest Anna Tirotta March 6th 2016!
Anita with Jade

Anita With Guest Jade Leonard March 20th 2016!

Anita With Guests Retro Girls July 2016!
Anita with Retro Girls

Pippa Wilson Returns to WoW Jan 2017
Pippa Wilson Returns to WoW Jan 2017

Anita with Kaliopi
Anita With Guest Kaliopi July 31, 2016!

Goddess Groves on WoW Jan 2017

Anita with the Goddess Groves Guests January 22, 2017


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