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Key Artist's & Discography's 

Cris Williamson
Tret Fure
Linda & Jools Topp
Pippa Wilson
Heather Bishop
Lucie Blue Tremblay
Judy Small
Wild Orchids
Diane Lindsay
Holly Near
Meg Christian
Libby Roderick
Cris WilliamsonCris Williamson

Who Is She
Born in Deadwood SD, Cris is the undoubted 'mother' of 'women's music' being there from its inception in the heady days of the early 70's when Olivia established the first national women's recording company. With a voice that has been described as 'honey dripped on a cello' and a talent for penning songs that captured the hearts of a generation of women seeking a more positive view of themselves in a changing society, she has cemented a place for herself and her music.  In 1996 she joined with her former partner Tret in establishing her own recording company - Wolf Moon Records.

Discography - Highlights

1971+81 "Cris Williamson"
1975"Changer & theChanged"
1982 "Blue Rider" / "Lumiere"
1983"Meg & Cris Live at Carnegie Hall "
1987"Wolf Moon"
1989"Country Blessed"
1991"Circle of Friends"
1993"Postcards from Paradise"
1997"Between the Covers"
1999"Radio Quiet"
2001 "Ashes"
2003 "Cris & Holly"
2003 "Replay"
2003 "Lumiere"
2005 "Real Deal"
2008 "Fringe"

Tret Fure 'In Concert - Melb. Aust'Tret Fure
Who Is She?
Tret, born in Schaller IA; is not only an extremely talented singer/songwriter She is a renowned musician and recording engineer.  She started her association with Olivia Records and Cris in the mid-eighties.  Their extremely harmonious and productive collaboration has continued into the successful establishment of their own recording company Wolf Moon Records in the early 90's.


1970 "Mousetrap" 
1973 "Tret Fure"
1981 "Heartsong"
1984 "Terminal Hold"
1986 "Edges of the Heart"
1990 "Time Turns the Moon"
1993 "Postcards from Paradise"
1997 "Between The Covers"
1999 "Radio Quiet"
2001 "Back Home"
'2003 "My Shoes"

Linda & Jools Topp
Who Are They?
These identical twins born on a New Zealand North Island farm, are indeed a pair of talented exports.  They have their own comedy TV program in Auckland, but have also travelled extensively and are popular guests at the Edinburgh, Michigan Women's Music and Brunswick Music Festivals.  Although their particular forte is comedy and the lost art of yodelling, they have penned a range of fine songs.  They were special guests on 'Women On Waves' in March, 1995 .


1982 "Topp Twins Go Vinyl"
1984 "Twinset and Pearls"
1987 "No War in my Heart"
1991 "Wear Something Sexy"
1992 "Hightime"
1996   "Two-timing" ( CD) 
2001  "Grass Highway"
2009 'Flowergirls & Cowgirls" 

Heather Bishop Melb 1997Pippa Wilson
Who Is She?
Pippa is the jazz singer that everyone tells everyone else about. She has the rare vocal quality that snaps audiences to full attention, swinging hot or cool with the great standards from the 1920’s through to the 50’s and beyond. Singing jazz since 1979 she made her debut with the New Harlem Jazz Band. Since that time she has worked with most of Melbourne’s top musicians and has become a well respected and popular member of the jazz fraternity.  Before starting her career as a jazz vocalist Pippa Wilson wooed audiences from Wrest Point to Tokyo, through Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok and Jakarta with the more popular songs of the time. In 1989 Pippa formed her own group, the Pippa Wilson Swingtet, seducing audiences with her stylish, sophisticated sounds.  She has been featured on A.B.C. Television as part of their ‘Played In Australia’ series “Jazz Az Now”, and has also made numerous appearances on commercial television programs. 
Hearing Pippa Wilson is about experiencing a singer with immense vocal technique.  Long term residencies at Menzies at Rialto, Radisson President, The Regent Hotel and numerous appearances at Hyatt on Collins and Decanters late night Jazz Club at the Hilton Hotel have consolidated her reputation as one of the hottest singers on the jazz circuit. As a performer, Ms. Wilson comes on like champagne cut with bitters, as she effortlessly enchants all kinds of audiences with her vitality and warmth. “When Pippa Wilson sings, audiences are swung and love it”.  Pippa first appeared on "Women On Waves" in December 2002.


1989 "Swinging the Blues Away"
2000"Errand Girl For Swing"
2003 "There Is A Pippa Wilson In The House"
2003 "The Gospel According to Pippa Wilson"
2009 "Swinging Into Midnight"

Horse (McDonald)
Who Is She?
Horse was born in Newport on Tay, Fife on Saint Cecelia’s Day (the saint of music).  At the age of two the family moved to the town of Lanark where she spent her formative years.  Having written and sung from an early age, Horse received her first guitar on her 10th birthday.  Throughout her school years she performed in concerts and teamed up with Sandy Ash.  She later began an impressive collaboration with Angela McAlinden a writing partnership that lasted for 19 years, they were later joined by bass and drums.  Astrakhan was the name that followed, along with it a new batch of songs. One of those songs,   '...And She Smiled',  was the track that landed a place on the Melody Maker's Playback album.  However it wasn’t until their next demo, featuring ‘You Could Be Forgiven’, that publishers began to take note. The demo was singled out by Alex Radvanyi of CBS songs (now EMI), and eventually a deal was signed in 1986.  In March 1987 a TV appearance on The TUBE was scheduled.  It wasn’t really until the Autumn, that their hard work was finally rewarded; when lengthy negotiations resulted in a deal being signed on December 23, 1987 with the fledgling label Capitol UK!
Forgiven’ and ‘Sweet Thing’ were then recorded as potential singles, and a video for Forgiven was soon arranged and shot in and around Soho.   Just as ‘Forgiven’ was being released however,.Horse began having difficulties with her voice, finding herself having to force her voice to get the correct pitch.  It was then discovered she had a node on her left vocal chord.  She underwent surgery in London and when the time came for Horse to try her voice again, a session took place in Utopia Studios in London. A couple of notes had disappeared at the bottom of her range but at least 4 or 5 appeared at the top! 
Work had not yet begun on ‘Careful’, since Horse had not wanted a band version, so she turned to Audrey Riley for string arrangements, a collaborative partnership which continues to this day.  With the recording complete, the promotion and marketing then began.  In between their own UK tours, the opportunity arose to support BB King, and a number of other 'names', culminating in audiences of up to 12,000 people whilst supporting Tina Turner throughout Germany and the UK. Following the release of ‘Sweet Thing’ the Americans summoned Horse to begin a promotional trip over there., and just as everything began to snowball for Horse, the Gulf war happened.  Suddenly everything then stopped. EMI froze and sat on the band  Eventually they began discussions with Oxygen.  MCA in America really took to Horse and they travelled throughout the country where they sang, appeared on radio stations and in magazines. However, Oxygen then began to experience difficulties and folded - leaving Horse once again in no man's land.
In ‘95 Horse planned and organised her solo Barrowlands show with the Scottish Chamber Orchestra, before Angela and Horse parted company in 1996.  Once again Horse set about putting a band together, and went through a series of musicians looking for the ones who fitted. Then when Horse began the journey to setting up her own record label.  In the meantime, fans were reporting hearing ‘Careful’ in clubs, but not the original. Apparently the Stress label had licensed the song from EMI and wanted Horse to promote it. Sadly once again it very narrowly missed out on the Top 40!  By the beginning of ‘99 Randan Records was established with the release of the Horse concert with the SCO and arranged distribution through Pinnacle, (the UK's biggest independent distributor), so ‘Both Sides’ was released to a good reception.
Horse next began work on another studio album. 'Hindsight...It's a Wonderful Thing' was the album, that not only Horse had been wanting to make but also the one that fans had long been waiting for.  Horse and Randan were now off and running and she really hasn’t looked back since, releasing a further four albums (the latest of which being 'Coming Up For Air')  Although based in Scotland Horse tours extensively and has  contributed to Women on Waves over many years – building to a strong fan base in Australia.  She performed in Melbourne on April 5. 2011 and hopes to follow-up with a longer visit in early 2012! 


1990 "The Same Sky"
1993 "God's Home Movie"
2000 "Both Sides"
2001 "Hindsight...It's a Wonderful Thing"
2003 "Only All Of Me"
2004 "Coveted"
2007 "Red Haired Girl"
2009 "Coming Up For Air"

1990 "Careful"
 1999 "Sometimes I"
2010 "Something Wicked.... "

 2010 "Live at the Queens Hall?

Heather Bishop Melb 1997Heather Bishop
Who Is She?
Born in Canada Heather is a Singer/Songwriter with a flair for blending her humour and political convictions.  Her resonant, clear voice carries her message gently to listening ears and hearts, and the relaxed conversation and humourous insights she ofers between songs make her concerts equally entertaining, uplifting and meaningful!  She is a much loved exponent of Women's Music, and a welcome guest around the globe.

Discography - Highlights

1979 "Grandmother's Song"
1986 "A Taste of the Blues"
1988 "Walk That Edge"
1989 "Duck in New York City"
1992 "Old,New,Borrowed,Blue"
1994 "Daydream Me Home"
1997 "Chickee's On The Run"
2000"Heather Bishop Live"
2003 "Tribute to Peggy Lee"
2009 "The Art & Music Of...."

Lucie Blue Tremblay Melb 1998Lucie Blue Tremblay
Who Is She?
Born in Quebec, Lucie started her career as an entertainer at the age of 12 playing drums in her mother's band.  One of the major sources of her success is her inuitive stage persona, which allows her to relate and draw in different types of audiences.  She is both ingeniously warm and self- conciously droll, with an extremely unique style of whistle.  Whether writing / singing in English or her French home tongue her music allows people to feel good about themselves.  She too has toured extensively and was special guest on 'Outrageous Harmonies' in March 1998 - her first Australian Tour.


1986 "Lucie Blue Tremblay"
1989 "Tendresse "
1992 "Transformations"
1998 "I'm Ready"
2000 "Because of You"
2004 "Jts Got to be About Love"

Judy Small
Who Is She?
Born in country NSW, Judy is a contemporary singer-songwriter whose music is performed all around the world, Judy Small is loved by audiences in Australia, New Zealand, England, Scotland, Denmark, the USA & Canada. She sings songs of conscience, fun and love and her performance is spiced with just the right amount of wit, humour, anger and compassion that make a Judy Small concert a moving and memorable event.  Judy 's is Australia's own singer/ songwriter whose musical roots are in the folk tradition, but she continually extends the boundaries, using blues, jazz, country, rock and even a taste of the classics to bring her own distinctive style to the music she performs. As the critic says "...go and see Judy Small and have your ears blessed". Judy has been a regular special guest on 'Women On Waves'since May, 1995.

Discography - Highlights

1982 "A Natural Selection"
1984"Ladies & Gems"
1984 "Mothers,Daughters,Wives "
1985 "One Voice in the Crowd"
1988 "Home Front"
1990 "Snapshot"
1993 "Second Wind"
1995 "Global Village"
1997(?) "3 Shielas"
1999 "Let the Rainbow Shine"
2003 "Mosiac"
2008 "Live at the Artery"

Wild Orchids
Who Are They?
Melbourne's own Robyn Youlten and Chris Scheri, had both served their musical apprentiships on the national and international scene before combining their talents to form the Wild Orchids in 1995. Both are talented songwriters, musicians and singers, who in1996 launched their debut CD to a great deal of critical acclaim.  They have appeared live on both 'Women On Waves' and 'Outrageous Harmonies'


1996 Debut CD "Past All The Edges"

Diane Lindsay
Who Is She?
Diane Lindsay's performing and recording credits (over 25 albums) include Dusty Springfield, The Limeliters, Randy Sharp, Holly Near, Cris Williamson, Linda Tillery, Ferron and many more.  She is one of the Women's Music scenes classic Singer/Songwriters, and also holds BAM Magazine and NAIRD awards as a producer. Her songs have been recorded by many artists, received awards from both the Billboard Song Contest and the Music City Song Festival, and are featured on stage, radio, film and television.


1995 "Give In To Love"

Holly Near
Who Is She?
Born in California, Holly is another of the early pioneers of Women's Music and also the founder of Redwood Records, which has provided numerous opportunities for other talents to gain considerable recognition. She is also a notorious political activist, championing many 'causes' over her almost 30 year career.  Holly has toured extensively and her feminist and peace-loving principles have lead her 16 Albums to sell over 2 million copies.  In 1990 Holly also gave the world her autobiography and later staged a musical play on its theme. 

Discography- Highlights 

1973 "Hang In There"
1978 "Imagine My Surprise"
1981 "Fire In The Rain"
1983 "Journeys"
1984 "Lifeline"
1986 "Singing With You"
1987 "Don't Hold Back"
1989 "Sky Dances"
1990 "Singer In The Storm"
1996 "This Train Still Runs"
1999 "With A Song in My Heart"
2000 "Simply Love"
2000 "Edge"
2003 "Cris & Holly"

Who Are They?
Hailing from Dublin they are Maria Walsh and Carole Nelson.  Their music is a unique fussion of Classical, jazz and rock, which as over the past few years won them a number of Irish Music Awards such as 'Best New Band'.  They are both extremely talented songwriters and their music is now drawing critical acclaim around the world.  Give them an ear and you will rapidly be drawn into their captivating rythms and harmonies!


1993 "Give It All Up"
1995 "Permanent Happiness"
1996 "Sing Don't Sign"
2000  "Private Wars"
2003 "Living Our Lives"

Meg Christian
Who Is She?
Meg is truly one of the leading lights and a pioneer of womens music, as a founder of the first national womens recording company.  She is both a talented songwriter and an interpreter of the music of others.  Her music is a rich blend reflective of her own life paths with a sense of humour that cuts through to the core of women's experience.  Although having now retired from concert performances, she leaves us with many quality examples of her work.  She will always hold a special place in the hearts of her many listeners.


1973 "I Know You Know" 
1977 "Face The Music"
1981 "Turning It Over"
1983 "Meg & Cris Live at Carnegie Hall "
1984"From The Heart"
1990"The Best Of Meg Christian"

Who Is She?


1989 "I Enjoy Being A Girl" 
1991 "Positively Phranc"
1994 "Hillary's Eyebrows" (7")
1995 "Goofy Foot" (EP)
1998 "Milkman"


Who Is She?
Born Deborah Foisy, Ferron decided to take on a new persona and new name drawn from a series of dreams at the age of 22, a year later Ferron made her performing debut at a women's political benefit and began plying her trade at the Women's Circle coffeehouse, the Soft Rock Cafe and various blues clubs and small, brick classical bars in Vancouver's historic Gastown district.  "Being a folksinger in Canada was of itself a political statement,"  Ferron recalls being  influenced by lesser known Canadian folk singers Valdy and Rita McNeil as well as the more radio-friendly Canadians: Gordon Lightfoot, Anne Murray and Bruce Cockburn.  Ferron, whose career has spanned 24 years and nine albums carries the reputation as a severe and reserved woman.  She's personally financed all of her records (save Still Riot) to the tune of $35,000-$50,000 and believes independent artists are a distinct type of entity who must operate at the fringe.  Ferron has been around long enough to try all the angles including the helping hands of endorsement from larger artists. She's toured as opening act for the Indigo Girls for many years and even had them and Tori Amos sing on her records. 
Ferron is now, conducting song writing workshops and is once again resigned to following her muse. It's been a policy she adopted since coming out as a lesbian at 18 in Richmond, British Columbia, a suburb of Vancouver, the eldest of seven children in a poor, migratory family.   "When I came out, my intention was to be honest. I didn't want to waste anybody's time with false illusions. 


1977 "Ferron"
1978 "Ferron Backed Up"
1980 "Testimony" 
1984 "Shadows on a Dime"
1990 "Phantom Centre"
1992 "Resting with the Question"
1993 "Not a Still Life"
1994 "Driver"
1995 "Phantom Center" (re-release) 
1996 "Still Riot"
1999 " Inside Out: The IMA Sessions"
2000 "Impressionistic Ferron" (2 CD Set)
2005 "Turning Into Beautiful"

Libby Roderick
Who Is She?
Libby Roderick was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska, where she still lives.  Libby is a singer/songwriter, poet, activist, recording artist and teacher.  Although relatively new to the folk scene, the surprising power and depth of her music and the humor and spontaneity of her performances are attracting large and enthusiastic audiences across the U.S. and fans all over the world.  Libby is also an exhilarating performer who has been applauded as much for her wit, warmth and humor as for her passionate singing and songwriting. She has played to great acclaim in concert halls, colleges, universities, festivals and conferences throughout the United States.   Her folk classic, "How Could Anyone", has been translated into several languages and recorded by many artists.  It was sung by thousands, including Hilary Clinton, at the U.N. conference in Beijing in 1995.  She graduated summa cum laude from Yale University, and has worked as a TV and print news reporter, radio consultant, nuclear weapons educator and writer on Alaska Native issues.


1990 "If You See a Dream"
1991 "Thinking Like a Mountain"
1993 "If the World Were My Lover"
1997 "Lay It All Down"
1998 "A Meditation for Healing"


©Anita R Gibbons 2008