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Well WOW#680 is now complete, Marking the end of this popular weekly program on JOY 994.9. I hope you were able to enjoy the treat of our LIVE STREAM final edition. Time again to thank everyone (including our amazing artists) for your/their years of support,
I could never have continued for so long without that support. Please TAKE CARE!


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Between 1995 and 2018 Anita has made a unique mark on Australian broadcasting!! through the production and presention of women's music programs on Melbourne community radio.  These have included both 
'Outrageous Harmonies' on EAR fm between 1996 and 1999 and the current 
 'Women On Waves' on JOY Melbourne between 1995 and 2018. 
Between July 17th 2000 and February 2001, Anita was joined by co-presenter Annette, and from January 2001 until May 2002 guest presenter Dee also joined the Crew!  From September 2002 Robbie came 'on board' too! In Robbie's absence I was joined by a crowd of co-hosts - including Harriet, Jenny and Kaye!  From Spring 2004 to Autumn 2006 it was mostly Anita & Jenny at the helm.  In late 2009 Harriet returned briefly till July 2010.  Then in late October Caroline became a partner in WoW and early December saw the start of 'Caroline's Closet' until leaving the show at the end of January 2012! From October 2012 another new WoW crew was established including Lisa, Sammi and a bevy of beautiful women!  Last year we instituted another breakthrough when Jeff joined the show as our first male co-host! Share the JOY as we approach yet another major milestone in 2017.  Also in that year after presenting 650 editions of WoW, in the May (and relocating to the Gippsland coast) Anita took an extended break. Only to return for the 2018 Autumn Season to relieve the Q Country presenter Chris.

Popular features of this program include 'jazz segment' and 'the comedy shot' along with the occassional 'Artist in Focus" and "Closet" guests.  Artists you can follow on this program include Cris Williamson, Holly Near, June & Jean Millington, Margie Adam, Ferron, Tret Fure, the Topp Twins, Bluehouse, Marie Wilson, Pippa Wilson, Michelle Parsons, kd lang, Heather Bishop, Horse, Melissa Etheridge, Heather Peace, Zrazy, Janis Ian etc. etc. and in the Comedy Shot the likes of Ellen Degeneris, Lily Tomlin, Susanne Westenhoefer, Maggie Cassella, Michelle Balan, Elvira Kurt and Marga Gomez. 


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